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Buy one 32-ounce All Purpose, Bowl, or Glass Clean
and you can add our 8-ounce Antiseptic Room Deodorizer
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A simple, vinegar based natural cleaning product for glass with a wonderful lemony scent. Use on any surface that you would use commercial products on.

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Lily’s Garden Herbals Glass Clean
Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner
32 Oz. Spray Bottle

32 oz.• $5.50

Formulated to clean, disinfect, refresh and provide an aroma-therapeutic benefit to the user. Spray on kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, trash cans, lunch bags, cutting boards, pet areas, (repels fleas and ticks!). At this level of dilution, the essential oils in all Lily’s Garden household products are non-toxic and can safely be used on surfaces that foods come in contact with.

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Lily’s Garden Herbals All Purpose Clean
All Purpose Cleaner
32 Oz. Spray Bottle

32 Oz. • $8.00


Biodegradable toilet bowl cleaner and freshener with tea tree and bergamot essential oils.

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Lily’s Garden Herbals Bowl Clean
Natural Cleaning for Toilets
32 Oz. Squirt Bottle

32 oz. • $7.75

One-Cent Show Special Below

Dispels unpleasant and germ-filled odors all through the house.  Works great in the bathroom!  With essential oils of eucalyptus, pine needle, bergamot, tea tree and peppermint.

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Fresh Scents
Antiseptic Room Deodorizer

8 oz. • $0.01 SHOW SPECIAL


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