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CHICKWEED (Stellaria media) is found in all temperate climates around the world where the soil has been disturbed. Chickweed puts down its roots to protect exposed soil from erosion. Collect only in soils untouched by herbicides or pesticides-in other words---nix the Roundup! It is a prolific, tasty green that is delicious in salads, green drinks or as a medicinal tea. Use the whole plant minus the root parts. It is best when eaten/used fresh.

Folklore: Chickweed was a remedy for obesity, hydrophobia (rabies), and scurvy.

Medicinal Properties & Benefits:
Properties: cooling, demulcent (emollient and soothing to your digestive tract) AND astringent-the opposite of demulcent, interestingly enough but has a toning tightening effect to the tissues; laxative, anti-inflammatory.

Plant Constituents: chlorophyll, coumarins, flavanoids, B and C vitamins, iron, triterpenoid saponins.

Common Uses:
abscess/boils, conjunctivitis constipation, insect bites, rashes, eczema, psoriasis. Soothes Nettle and other types of rash. Heals peptic ulcer. If taken/eaten excessively, vomiting can occur due to the saponins it contains, which tend to irritate the gut lining in vast amounts. Eating once daily does not apply, however so fear not.


Medicinal Products and Tincture Blends Aromatherapy Products

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About Lily's Garden Herbals

Dear Friends,

In the garden named by our six year old daughter Lacia in 1997 after her first kitty, Lily, we strive to grow and maintain an ecologically balanced and diverse haven for our local flora and fauna by utilizing non-toxic practices both in the home and on the land.  In a world that seems to be getting smaller every day, this is a simple act of gratitude.  At Lily’s Garden Herbals, we strive to open these ‘avenues of gratitude’ to you to by creating safe, natural household products, offering whole plant extracts for the body and spirit and providing holistic health consultation and other services that nourish and heal us as individuals.  These practices in turn, can and do have a role in healing our planet.

I gather herbs from our land whenever possible to prepare aromatherapy oils, herbal tinctures, herbal teas, and salves. Organically grown herbs are used for these tinctures and herbal tea preparations whenever possible, or are ethically wildcrafted to maintain flourishing plant populations. Only high-quality essential oils are used in formulating Lily’s Garden Herbals non-toxic cleaning and household products.  (Please recycle containers.)

Please visit the Cottage in the Garden Monday through Friday. We do recommend that you do call first to be sure I am available and not with a client or making a delivery. 

We look forward to seeing you!

With green wishes,

Kim and the Lily's Garden Herbals Family

A portion of all profits is donated to environmental conservation and education.



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